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November 2nd Close Call

It was a close call!  It would have been even closer if PG&E hadn’t turned off the power. Three of our major roadways were impacted by downed lines which in high winds probably would have resulted in major fires.  Occidental, Bittner at Marra, and Joy Road, all had lines down. According to Ron Lunardi, “if the power had been on, we’d have burned from here to the coast.”  It was challenging, and inconvenient, communication was a problem, but it’s over and we didn’t have a catastrophic fire.

It’s tempting to say the worst is over and to assume that this was our event for the year.  Remember, we still have high fire danger until the rains begin. We had the luxury of a long period to prepare for a potential evacuation this time…that may not happen every time. Keep alert, be prepared and ready just in case.  

Fire Safe Occidental hopes to collect as much information as we can about our area’s experience with the evacuation and power outage so that we can do what we can to be safer next time. Watch for a survey in the coming weeks to collect your experience whether you stayed or evacuated. The more we know the better we can focus our collective efforts.

We know that the interest in generators is very high. We will be announcing a seminar