Neighborhood Groups

What is a Neighborhood Group?

The most important element of your involvement with FSO is to become an active member of your own neighborhood. We have 16 different Neighborhood Groups, each with at least one leader who is our key contact. The leader organizes neighborhood meetings, workdays, and more depending on the desires of the group. 

A Neighborhood Group…

  • Shares contact information so that in the case of an emergency you can reach one another and help one another
  • Identifies crucial neighborhood resources, making it easy to locate in an emergency (secondary emergency exits through a neighbor’s property, extra water sources or back up generators)
  • Connects individuals to a greater collective so we can share our strengths and gifts
  • Organizes community work days in conjunction with FSO strategies to reduce risk

How can I get involved?

  • Locate your group on the map below
  • Study and download the directory below for your reference
  • Reach out to to get connected to your Neighborhood Group Leader

Occidental Neighborhood Group Directory

16 Occidental Neighborhood Groups (provisional map)
#1 Harrison Grade Road Area (HGR)
Harrison Grade Road (from Cal Fire intersection to Green Valley  Road)
Harrison Grade Place
Tanuda Road
Heather Lane
Harmony Lane
Dupont Road (HGR to Harmony Lane)
Morelli Lane (HGR to Heather Lane)
Stoetz Lane (to and including 4551)
Graton Road (only #5502)
#2 Dupont Area
Dupont Road (from Harmony to the end)
Bones Lane
#3 Stoetz and Morelli Area
Stoetz Lane
Morelli Lane
Rabbit Hill Road
#4 Graton Road & Green Hill Area
Graton Road (from Tanuda Road to Green Hill Road)
Green Hill Road (on the boundary between Occidental and Graton Fire Departments)
#5 East Occidental Road Area
Occidental Road (from Frati to end of Occidental Fire Department area near Furlong Road)
Jonive Road (top end to end of Occidental Fire Department area)
Crystal Lane
Vinegar Ridge
#6 West Occidental Road Area
Occidental Road (From Frati Lane to town)
Frati Lane
Facendini Lane
Sota Way
Lu-Dan Road
#7 Downtown Occidental
Bohemian Hwy (from Union Hotel Grove to Scout’s Camp)
Jomark Lane
Main Street
1st, 2nd, 3rd Streets
Hill Street
Minna Street
Church Street
Bush Street
Doris Murphy Court
Kit Lane
Harmony Village Circle
#8 South Bohemian Highway
Bohemian Hwy (Scout’s Camp to Freestone)
Scout’s Camp Road
(Marika Drive, Gerson Drive, Freestone Flat Road: in Gold Ridge Fire Dept)
(Scott Robin Road, Freestone Street, El Camino Bodega: in Gold Ridge Fire Dept)
#9 Acreage & Highland Area
Bohemian Hwy (from downtown Occidental to Camp Meeker Fire Department area)
Acreage Lane
Palin Lane
Hillcrest Avenue
Lapham Lane
Highland Road
Stepps Road
Occidental-Camp Meeker Road
#10 East Coleman Valley Road Area
Coleman Valley Road (from town to Joy Road)
Timber Lane
#11 West Coleman Valley Road & Fitzpatrick Lane Area
Coleman Valley Road (from Joy Road west)
Fitzpatrick Lane
Docs Ranch Road
#12 Willow Creek Road
(From Coleman Valley Road to Willow Creek Open Space gate)
#13 Lower Bittner Road Area
Bittner Road (from Deer Meadow down to town)
Marra Road
Freeman Ranch Road
Wyammy Ranch Road
Westwood Lane

#14 Taylor Lane
#15 Upper Joy Road & Deer Meadow Lane Area
Joy Road (Coleman Valley to 3000 Joy Rd)
Deer Meadow Lane
#16 Lower Joy Road Area 
Joy Road (from 3000 south)
Jennifer Drive 
Lauri Lane 
Joy Ridge Road 
Owl Road 
Burl Lane
Joy Woods Way